Saro (New York City)


A great find in New York City

Saro (102 Norfolk St., New York, NY) is amazing! It’s quaint, well decorated, great atmosphere and friendly staff.

We booked a reservation for dinner for a group of six. Although the place is small, they accommodated us nicely. The waitresses were very knowledgeable and friendly. They act as hostess, waitress & bar tenders. We even met the chef while leaving which was a great touch!

We got to try their summer menu which they debuted in early April, only about a week before we visited.

Saro Salad

Perfectly refreshing way to start the meal.

1) Octopus salad – served warm and more like a stew than salad. The octopus was cooked perfectly and the dish wonderfully spiced.

2) Pie of the Day. It was a cheese pie and was the perfect size for all six of us to have a bite. The cheese inside was delicious and was surrounded by a flaky crust.

Saro Short Ribs

Arguably the best short ribs we've ever had.

1) 12 hour slow cooked short ribs. These were amazing. Normally short ribs are smaller and contain a lot fat. This dish was served without the bone and was a good sized portion. It melted in your mouth and easily pulled apart with a fork. The fingerling potatoes were a perfect touch to sop up the sauce on the plate. Would easily order again.

2) Kale pasta. This was a wonderful and earthy dish. The pasta was light and cooked perfectly. The kale and other greens, however, really made this dish amazing.

3) Cornish hens. I didn’t personally sample, but two people at our tables ordered these and loved them. Tender and fragrant.

4) Rabbit served two ways. One way was braised and the other smoked. The meat was tender and very flavorful.  Would easily order again.

5) Sea bass. The outside was crispy and tangy but the inside remained moist and flaky (not dry at all). Everyone at the table said they would order again.

We ordered one of each dessert on the menu. Everything had distinctive flavors and great portions. We topped it off with some rajika, an Eastern European drink that was described like a whiskey but a little sweeter.

The experience was awesome. At our table we basically sampled everything on the menu and there isn’t a thing that wasn’t superb. The wait staff topped the night off, friendly, quick knowledgeable.


One note – This was a review that we originally posted on Yelp, but we wanted to share it here as well. It’s been slightly modified.

– C and H


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